Sunday, September 28, 2008

Canning Tally 2008

Bratty friends,

So far this fall Ken and I have canned 40 quarts of tomatoes, and frozen about 30 ears of corn. Ken says we have enough tomatoes to eat 1 quart a week for 40 weeks. Pretty impressive!

He's also gone about picking up large-ish bags of flour, just in case of further economic demise. (Which we all know is coming!)

Hey, don't vote for Mr. KGB!


P.S. We've also frozen about 30 ears worth of corn kernels, and 1 row of Italian peppers so far. We are doing the Mexican peppers on 10/8 and digging potatos 10/11 and 10/12.

Update: 10/11/08 - on Bratty's b-day farmer pighorn dug 6 rows of potatoes. We now have 3 boxes of Netted Gem, 4 boxes of Russets, and 5 boxes of Kennebecks to eat. I will post a photo as soon as I can get one.

10/13/08 Here's a photo of some of the '08 potato harvest:

Friday, September 12, 2008

Frying my brain for enlightenment

Dear Bratty friends,

I’ve always thought that somehow I could find God in Arizona.

No, not the non-resident alien landlord with the long white beard and the toga - not the Zeus of Christianity. Not him. But the particle physics God, the wizard behind the 7th veil God, the thing that makes up the space in between the matter God.

It’s always seemed that a nice hot day would be just the thing to do it for me. I figure if I could just spend some time laying on the hot pavement, my cheek to the road, and lay still enough and quiet enough for long enough, with the crushing heat pressing down upon me seeming to be like an entity unto itself, pressing down upon me like a Mack truck, that I could finally see through all those molecules that make up vision and see what was behind the curtain.

Sort of like when Lisa Simpson said “I think I can see through time,” in that episode where Apu from the Mini-Mart made the Simpsons a hot curry dinner. I want to see through matter.

Could it happen? Well, hell yeah. Why not? Extreme heat has always inspired the seekers of truth. The Desert Fathers for instance. They lived like hermits in the Egyptian desert in the early third century. Now they probably had some heat-inspired insights. Maybe they could see through time?

The other thing that seems to quiet my mind is loud, scratchy, squealing guitar solos. The Velvet Underground has some nice ones. And Brian Eno too. That would be my second choice for readying my mind to see God. I wonder if Ganesha would approve?