Sunday, July 18, 2010

My day

Dear Bratty Friends,

True story, this:

So, I get up, I've got a sore throat from the stinky re-surfaced floor and I decide to make some blackberry pancakes.

I run to the store and get bacon (-- 'cause I just felt like I needed it!). Come back. Chat with my friend in Wyoming on the phone and learn she's getting a divorce and her mother died. Sheesh!

Then I go looking for my brain (my flash drive), which was in the Mexican bowl my neighbors brought back for me. Also had the Penney's gift card and the Sears gift card in it, so it had some important stuff. Can't find it after checking every crevice except the cat's butt. Assumed it was stolen at that point. We just had the hardwood floor

in the living room resurfaced on Friday so somebody could have come and gone....Anyway, freaked out, worried. Then, Ken found it in the recycling.

I hid it there???? OMG.

Then later I head off to Penney's - gleefully, gift card in hand! - to do some shopping. I'm in the dressing room putting my shoes back on

when I look down and see that someone has written me a secret message on the inside of my sandal (which I just had fixed about two weeks ago BTW) with a ball point pen. The message says:

Leave him.
Leave him.
Leave him.
Leave him.

Freaked out? Me? Nah....

Well, maybe just a wee bit. Curiously, I thought how great that scene would be for a book!

But more than likely - rather than the message being from some secret admirer - the whole thing smacks of a "message in a bottle." From me. To me. When? Last summer. Because, well, last summer I was a crazy woman and embarked on wild sort of mid-life crisis, wouldn't you know? Eh? Yeah, crazy. I'm still crazy after all these beers. The fact I'm still here in Wenatchee is living proof of that!



Saturday, July 3, 2010

The movie test

Thanks to Roger Ebert for tweeting this.

This is the Bechdel Test that people are always referring to. How many of *your* favorite movies can pass it?

Edmonds, WA photos

The boat lift from underneath

The crow boat lift operator

A hornet hogging the view

Driftwood that looks like a duck head or maybe a calf head

Edmonds ferry dock

And odd little planter

Missing the 12:40 - oh well!

A mystery baby doll left at the park entrance - it was gone when we came back.

A driftwood sculpture at the marina park.

a colorful place to sit

Star Trek -like flowering thistles perhaps?

Old pier pilings

Strom grate with a shell theme

storm grate, starfish style

two hangers-on

a tough crowd!