Saturday, August 28, 2010

What, me read?

Or should I say, me read in order? Nah!

A week or so ago I posted about the books I have in my electronic "TBR" pile on my Sony eReader. For more on those books, click here.

So far, I have read (2) of the books on my list of (6) needing to be read next, and, as luck or Libraness would have it, a few other reads snuck in there that weren't on the list. :P


Okay, first I read #10: Claiming Earth by Loribelle Hunt

I have to say that for the most part, I just didn't like it. I know, I know, I have a tendency to come into a series right smack in the middle or perhaps at the very end, so it's not much of a surprise to me that I started with the third or fourth book and was very very lost. But, really, I shouldn't have been. IMO I should have been able to pick up the book and read it and know everything about that world but I didn't because the book didn't SHOW me that world. She TOLD me some of it, but the parts she SHOWED me I didn't like. DOH!

Now, I know this isn't fair, but on LSB often times they will TELL you what the book entails. For example, in Book 3 of the series, Stolen Earth, the blurb ended with this little nugget of wisdom:

Contains: S&M, flogging, caning, anal, toys, and light bondage.

To which I said, "Okay, then, I pass. That's not my thing." And I did not buy it, and I wasn't unhappy.

Book 1 of the series had no such disclaimer. Book 2 has this one:

Contains: Bondage, Light BDSM, anal, toys
To which I said, "Okay, then, I pass. That's not my thing." Same as above. I didn't buy it, and I wasn't unhappy.

So would it have KILLED LSB to maybe warn me about the subject matter of book 4? This is what the blurb said for Book 4, Claiming Earth:

Falkor is intrigued by Janice—enough to follow her to Earth—but when he begins digging, he discovers she is a mix of lies and secrets. Unraveling them exposes a woman of courage and honor. A woman who has always walked alone. She may not be willing to admit she needs help, but he’s not about to leave her to such a dangerous undertaking on her own. But to emerge victorious, they must learn to trust each other--and time is running out.

Now, I may not be a 100% reasonable person at all times, but does that sound anything like a sordid ongoing tale of a stalker-type dude bent on forcing his "der-lan" or whatever she is into submission because he believes it is for her own good?

Seriously, I freakin' highlighted every part of the story that made my eyeballs roll back into my head and my Sony-supplied stylus was moving at a mighty fast speed. I would share some of them with you but I seem to have deleted it off of my reader. *sigh*

Chalk it up to another case of WTF? I bought the wrong book and let it go at that. It's a subject I've discussed more than once in this blog, (although some posts have been erased over time to um, clean things up a bit) and hope not to have to discuss again. As usual, booksellers need to be a leetle more specific about what they are selling to avoid buyer regret, which causes them to shy away from titles, authors, or lines that they don't know for sure but suspect they won't like.

Seems self-explanatory to me. *shrugs*

In this case, I guess I should have decided that the descriptions of the former books applied, whether or not this one specifically included them. Resolution: don't buy a book from ANY series in which ANY of the books contain D/s, ass fucking or whathaveyou since if one does, they all do/might/likely have it as well. That said, that's one way to scratch an author off my list in a hurry, and that's really too bad.

I then read #9. Refuge by Lolita Lopez, which I loved until about half way through the book when Laleh and Pike started fucking, then fucked some more, and then on page 115, just 114 short pages after she began the book a virgin, Laleh hollers, "I want you to fuck my ass!"

While this wasn't a book that centered about a D/s theme it did seem to have a lot of ass fucking, which just doesn't really turn me on. And as I read it I wondered why. Again, the book blurb only said this:

Pike's desire ignites the second she accepts his proposal, but her innocence in the pleasures of the flesh forces him to practice a little patience. With the gentlest of seductions, Pike introduces Laleh to all the naughty delights to be found in a marriage bed.

Um....I don't remember going from virgin to "I want you to fuck my ass" in the marriage bed under the guise of "gentle seduction."  But hey, maybe that's just me.(Hell, I would be the last person to say I needed it gentle all the time every time, but ...I do mean BUTT .... this is just too much!) Maybe other people do want to read about happy smiling M/F butt sex though. I sure have seen plenty of M/F ass fucking in other books, but as always, I purchase with the explicit intent to avoid that type of context and am always disappointed when it sneaks up on me.

As far as the rest of the book, I must have fast-forwarded and not even read through about 15 more sex scenes where the two were blithering happy orgasmitrons for page after page - just to get back to the plot. Which did finally show up in the end - if you'll forgive my pun.

The third book that I read was actually a FREE short by Mary Eason called Five Things Every Girl Should Know. It was a free Halloween book from Samhellion, it had a full moon on the cover and a silhouetted tree, so hey, what could go wrong? Sounds creepy, right?

Well, not too much did go wrong. The short was a story about a Bridget Jones-type woman who ends up at a dress up party and falls into the arms of a mystery man. Smexin' occurs with the masked wonder, then they part in the morning.

For some reason, she doesn't see who he is. Later, she of course finds out that he's her ...... Well, you know.

Anyway, the story didn't have any ass fucking or spanking or strange D/s play but it did have a sort of suspended belief element to it, especially since she couldn't figure out who this guy was! Other than that, the story was all right but didn't quite wipe the remnants of the earlier two out of my brain.

So....after all that .... or maybe because of all that prior butt-fucking, I was in the mood for M/M reads. Give me a M/M scene any day over a woman taking it up the wrong orifice and screaming about how she loves it. Really! I mean it! Is it just me?

'Cause with M/M books, at least I am fairly certain #1 it does not involve butt sex with a woman and #2 it usually says D/s or bondage in the blurb. Usually....

I struck pay dirt with these two picks.

The first one, a FREE read called Out to Pasture by James Buchanan was a nice little 8-page ditty that had just the right amount of smexin' for a short read. And it was sci-fi as well, so that was a plus. After that, I just knew I was at last on the right track and headed for more literary delight. I highly recommend it for a quickie. :)

Next up was the novella, Don't Look Back by Josh Lanyon, which I had won on the JesseWave site about a year ago or maybe six months ago or some damn long time ago - too long really - and never read. Well, I should have!

I read it in less than 24 hours and enjoyed every minute of it!

To me, it had just the right amount of smexin', the right amount of plot, and the right amount of emotional focus on the relationship for a M/M read - in other words, the author didn't go on and on for pages in one sad sap's POV about how much he LOVES this guy and then on and on and on for a bunch more pages in the other poor bastard's POV about how much he LOVES the other guy - while still providing a believable guys-taking-it-up-a-notch satisfactory HFN ending.

Kudos to both Buchanan and Lanyon for pulling me out of a M/F butt-sex, D/s funk with some nice M/M smex, butt-sex, and lovin' and just some good all-around writing.

I wonder sometimes if M/M authors have to try harder *snickers at harder* to get the story across and that's what makes the reads enjoyable or....?

The jury is still out on that one. But if you haven't tried the genre, don't knock it. At least you have a pretty damn good idea of what you're buying when you plunk down your electronic cash!

More later, and back to more reading,


Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Dream

Last night, I shot my acupuncturist to death on a snowy mountain.

I blame it on the previous day's horoscope, which if you'll remember, said this:

Saturday, Aug 21st, 2010 -- You might have believed that you had everything under control, but the messages you're receiving from deep within your subconscious can indicate that something else is going on. It's one thing to filter out your own mental noise in order to fully show up in the present moment. But buried desires don't necessarily go away and now they may be coming back to remind you of what you truly want. Embrace your unfulfilled dreams, even if you cannot manifest them at this time. 

I can definitely relate to the line about filtering out my own mental noise to be "present" in the present moment. The line after that, about unfilled desires popping back up is the hangman's noose. I must be sitting on a powder keg underneath all this stone-cold-sober exterior!

Anyway, here's what happened - as implausible as it may seem to anybody who knows my acupuncturist - in my mind last night:

I was being chased by the good doctor and his accomplice. It was winter, snow covered the ground and everybody was wearing coats. I don't know what my crime was, only that I was being shot at, so I didn't stick around.

Eventually my escape took me out of town and up and over a steep snow-covered mountain. The mountain had little steps cut into the snow and every now and then, they'd lead down to a dwelling, but I never stopped at any of them, I just kept going. At last, I went as far as I could - the steps in the snow ran out and I could go no further forward - there was no path to escape ahead of me.

Behind me, the doctor and his accomplice were firing at me from the top of a ridge. I doubled back, around the hill and took up a defensive position. When they came down the hill, a firefight ensued which injured the doctor and killed the other attacker.

THEN with my acupuncturist sitting on the ground in the snow injured, I moved in closer to him. He attempted to raise his gun. I aimed mine (a .22 caliber!??) at his chest and told him, "I love you, and I always will." Then I shot him in the heart and killed him.


I suppose I could go many different ways with the interpretation of this dream. Most of them, though, wouldn't be polite to share with the general public!

Let me know if you have any ideas....

More later:


Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Horoscope

Libra Horoscopes

(Sep 23 - Oct 22)

Yesterday | Today | Tomorrow
Saturday, Aug 21st, 2010 -- You might have believed that you had everything under control, but the messages you're receiving from deep within your subconscious can indicate that something else is going on. It's one thing to filter out your own mental noise in order to fully show up in the present moment. But buried desires don't necessarily go away and now they may be coming back to remind you of what you truly want. Embrace your unfulfilled dreams, even if you cannot manifest them at this time.

It's hard for us Libras to know what we really want. It takes a long time to figure it out. Then when we do, it's not what we have! 


I guess that makes us just like everybody else, but a bit slow on the uptake.

Post MLC movies

Dear Bratty Friends/Fiends,

I recently watched the film, Vicky Christine Barcelona by Woody Allen. As this is a post-MLC viewing - and I do say post MLC in the sense that I don't feel as though I'm in the middle of a mid-life crisis anymore but sort of swimming towards the other shore - I do have a couple of comments.

First, if I had watched it before MLC, or even before I was married, I probably would have watched it and been, oh, curious, or maybe amused by the drama without really getting too close to it.

But, these days, I have to say that that the whole scenario was spot-on! In other words, I could totally relate!

The other comment is that Penelope Cruz was great. She of course about overshadowed Johansson but that's not my issue.

Also, for some dang reason, I awoke with this song in my head this morning and no idea why:

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Go figure.

Okay then.



Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thirteen books on my Sony eReader

Dear Bratty Friends/Fiends,

This week I thought I'd blog about 13 books on my new Sony eReader. Some of them I've read, some I haven't, and some are new purchases since I bought the reader about two weeks ago. Here's the list in - somewhat - alphabetical order (drum roll please!):


1. Coin Operated by Ginny Glass

Now this was an interesting read, a bit on the D/s side which I don't usually read, but I found it enjoyable in this particular romp.

2. The Forbidden Chamber by Ella Drake

The BlueBeard tale re-told with a Raven influence. Nice work! I was totally in the mood for a historical that day and this fit the bill.

3. Man on Man! Writing m/m fiction for kinks and Cash by Josh Lanyon.

This one is just what it says it is, not a novel but a how-to guide, or, actually, more of a series of discussions and Q&A with writers, editors, and publishers of m/m fiction. This is the only non-fiction piece on the ereader I think and, strangely, it's not filed under M....?

4.Lovely by Kris Starr.

Again, this one about a Parisian prostitute filled the need for a historical romp on that particular day. (Audrey Tautou wasn't around)! I thought the book was well-written and lively and the ending was different than what I had expected. It's always good to be surprised (well, in fiction that is!).

5. Wasteland: The Priestess by R.G. Alexander

Now that I have read the entire 4-book Wasteland series I have to say that this was one of my favorites. The reason why is that R.G. does an excellent job with the historical background information, even so far as to include a diary, photos and revealing the reasons why the world is the way it is in this series. I read this book 2nd to last and I found it added to the story quite a bit.

6.Wasteland: The Whore by Lilli Feisty

Out of the 4-book Wasteland series, this one was perhaps my favorite, though I liked the cover the least. What I did like about the story was the M/M element (sweet!) and the fact that the story included pirates (hell yeah!). What had me scratching my head was the abrupt ending (she gave them her what and they went away?) but all in all, a fine end to the series.

7.In Enemy Hands by K.S. Augustin

I don't know exactly what went wrong between me and this book, but the end result wasn't pretty and I normally love SFR! *scratches head* Anyway, this one is another Carina Press offering and worth taking a look at just for novelty's sake. It's about a guy whose memory gets re-set every 2 days (against his will BTW), an interesting premise.


8. Everlong by Hailey Edwards

I think I bought this book at least six months ago but never read it. Why? I don't know. It looked too long or something. But now - now I have the means to do so and shall do it soon!

9.Refuge by Lolita Lopez

Never seen this author before, never heard her name before, so I can't say that I bought it on automatic buy. But hey, 1) it's sci-fi and it sure looks like 2) SFR to me so I'm gonna give it a try!

10. Claiming Earth by Loribelle Hunt

See above. Let me know if you have any questions!

BTW I am NOT fond of guys with tattoos. They don't really turn me on. But, I may have a penchant for orange-colored book covers now that I pause and look! LOL

11. Solar Skies by Dawn Montgomery

Now, I do know who this author is, but I think this my first purchase of one of her works.

See note above about Sci-Fi and SFR.

Note #2 about orange covers also seems to apply. (Or is this just a new trend in the ebook industry??)

12. Risking Eternity by Voirey Linger

After seeing some of this one in RD's chat and knowing that there is a m/m angel kiss in between the pages AND since it's got such a nice cover, well, how could I say no to this little gem?

Hey, at least it's not orange!!! LOL

And last but not least - yes, just to torture you Inez! - we have:

13. Salome at Sunrise by Inez Kelley

After reading Jinxed and also Myla by Moonlight by the same author and knowing how she likes to withhold her m/m fantasies from me, it's no wonder I'm both drawn to her work and willing to torture her to madness by making her wait damn near an eternity for my humble opinion! LOL

Or, maybe I just have to say that I'm easily distracted by SFR *cough Kim Knox et. al* and need to FOCUS here in order to get this bit of readin' done.

But seriously, who could really go wrong with this choice? (Note the orange cover as well!)


Which book should I read next?


That's only 6 books, but you gotta remember that I'm a LIBRA people, and we are NOT good at choices, so help me out here.

Leave me a comment and vote for my next read.

Until next time,


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Buy this book!

You’ve never heard the fable Rumpelstiltskin told like this …

Say My Name by Tatiana Caldwell
Due to her father’s constant bragging, word of Anna Miller’s beauty and virtue piques the interest of King Thomas. 

Upon taking the boasting of her father too literally, the king of Grimbros imprisons Anna and threatens to kill her and her father if she fails to spin straw into gold.

A mysterious and sensual magical being finds himself drawn to the castle – and the beautiful Anna. He offers his help in exchange for the most intimate, precious gifts she could possibly give. Soon Anna finds herself wanting far more than just his help. But he threatens to consume her and all she holds dear.

Unless she says his name. 

Purchase at Liquid Silver Books here.