Friday, May 27, 2011

Buy this book!

Romance and rugby. 

A great combination in Shelley Munro's Wanna Do Bad Things With You

Out today at Ellora's Cave

Here's the details:

Wanna Do Bad Things With You
By: Shelley Munro

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Tyson Hamlin lives and breathes rugby. With loads of natural talent, he’s destined for the big time. But Tyson has a secret—his perfect life, complete with doting girlfriend—is a lie. While he loves the game, he’s not quite as driven as he used to be, and his girlfriend is a beard he hides behind because the truth is—he prefers men.

Darcy Nichols transfers from Dunedin to pursue his dream to make the national team. He’s giving his all this one last season and intends to focus on his goal. Openly gay, he arrives in Auckland to suspicion and hostility.

One look and Ty is smitten. He wants the sexy Darcy to do all sorts of bad things with him. Game on. The sparks fly in private as they burn up the sheets, but they can’t live in seclusion forever. They’re under public scrutiny, and one wrong step could derail their rugby careers and end their dreams forever.

Monday, May 23, 2011

National Vegetarian Week 2011!

Hi all,

Hey, don't forget, it's National Vegetarian Week (NVW) this week - May 23 to 29th.

What are you having for dinner?

Tonight, I'm having tofu with orange sauce and whatever I can pick from the garden, or con dh into picking for me.

Amazingly, Mr. MEAT MAN is getting into the swing of things with Soy Chorizo.

Will wonders never cease?

I also had lunch today with a woman who says she eats a whole avocado every day for breakfast.

I was not sure how to react to that news....

I mean, avocado and a cuppa tea? Somehow I can't picture that.

Oh well. Eat up!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Movie Reviews: A Single Man, Pirates of the Caribbean IV

Dear Bratty Friends,

After seeing two recent (well, one from 2009 the other 2011) movies, one at the new cinema and one off Netflix, it seems to me as though all the beautiful people have come out to play. But aren't they so similar, so haunting in a way? You be the judge....

In POTC IV, I found this little blue-eyed gem flashing across the screen half-naked and utterly fascinating to watch: Sam Claflin:

Sam Claflin

He played Philip, the bible-toting lad who fell in love with the mermaid Syrena, played by Astrid Berges-Frisbey. And lo and behold but another young face, equally mesmerizing, appeared in this film opposite Colin Firth:

His name is Nicholas Hoult.

Nicholas Hoult

Do the two of them seem similar to you, or is it just their ages? Their fresh-eyed looks? Is it in the nose? The mouth maybe?

Well, what about this... Colin Firth, who was raised in England and born in 1960 often reminded me of David Hyde Pierce, of Fraser fame, who was raised in Saratoga and born in 1959. the whole while I was watching A Single Man. Take a look:

David Hyde Pierce

Colin Firth
Is it just me? Or am I really seeing double? Was it just the mannerisms, or is there a resemblance?

You be the judge.

And in the meantime, happy viewing!

What's next in my Netflix queue? Impostor, an old sci-fi flick with Gary Sinise.



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Purdy ebook cover!

Dear Bratty Friends,

Get a load of this that my pal Lore Shattuck made for me:


It's going on Smashwords verra soon, as soon as I can decide whether or not I'm charging for it.

BTW this is the NEW and IMPROVED version of my 2011 Valentine's Day Free Read, which will be going away once this is up.



Saturday, May 7, 2011

New: Publisher's Corner digital magazine

Publisher's Corner Submission Guidelines

Publisher's Corner, a digital magazine dedicated to educating writers about the ins and outs of the publishing industry is seeking material for its quarterly releases.

Topics in the form of articles around the industry, new trends, old styles that have made a resurgence, upcoming submissions, plans for expansion and more. Please include your website url, experience, and contact information, as well as any information you'd like to share about your business. How long you've been in business, what you're looking for what you aren't looking for. Tips and tricks for authors to find success on their promotional journe. Tips on editing, on designing covers.

Get to Know the Editor or Designer article - A 300 word article that is crafted to showcase your style of editing or tips on how best to edit before submission. Etiquette on working with you as a professional, as well as what you look for in a book.

Do you (open to publishers, editors, graphic designers, as well as promotional companies) have a suggestion for new and established authors? Want to ensure that your submission guidelines are followed? Tell us how to go about it. Want to let authors know how to go about asking after their submission? Maybe you want to point out what to look for in submission guidelines, its all open for discussion.

Have a submission call coming up you want to highlight? Looking for editors? Graphic designers? Are you an editor or designer looking for a publisher whose hiring? Are you a promotions company wanting to expand your clientele or an author looking for a good PR firm? Please submit to us a short 20-30 word ad that highlights who you are, what you're doing/looking for, and how to contact you as well as what your rates are if you're selling a product.

IE: ABC Edits, an established editing firm is currently accepting new clients. For a free custom quote send us an email at abcedits @

Have a color ad you'd like to place on one of our pages? For sizes and availability please send me a query to We will respond within twenty four hours.

To be in our spotlight section with a four page spread, please put "Spotlight" in the subject of the email so I can review accordingly.

All submissions are to be in Times New Roman 12 font,
Double Spaced
With contact information at the beginning of the page. (This will not be revealed)
*If you have pressing information - such as a submission call for Halloween or something please highlight this so I can book accordingly


If there is enough response this may become a monthly or bimonthly magazine. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

A recent duel!

Space Shuttle Launch, Dancing with the Stars, and 6 numbers

NASA Manned Mars Mission graphic.

Anya’s harsh breaths echoed off the walls in the long, stark-white hallway as her feet pounded out a panicked beat.

“T minus one-twenty.” The countdown echoed through hall. Thanks to NASA’s superior speaker system, the disembodied voice sounded like James Earl Jones every time it gave her the bad news.

“Wait! Wait!” She tried to make the corner going full speed, skidded, and slid into the opposite wall. With no time to delay, she pushed off and ran full-tilt again.

“All shuttle launch crew clear the platform area. Repeat, all shuttle launch crew clear the platform area.”

“I’m trying!” As if she hadn’t heard the booming command, the lights began to flicker on and off, a warning that lock-down would commence immediately. Anya grit her teeth and forced the legs she couldn’t feel anymore to move faster.

“T minus one-eighteen and counting.”

“Shit. Shit. Shit.” The words snarled out of her along with a spray of spit. She’d never run so hard in her life. But she had to get back. She had to. Her life, her dreams depended on it. NASA would just have to understand. Even if she was foaming at the mouth when she told them.

“T minus one-sixteen.”

“Shut up,” she hissed, finally rounding the last corner, the corridor that ended with the secure blue door. Spent, she bent over and slammed her fist repeatedly against the door while gasping in air. Bam! Bam! Bam!

She pounded for what seemed eternal minutes before Mike’s friendly face appeared in the narrow window.

He looked worried as he pushed open the door. “Anya? What’s going-?”

“I have to get something.” She took off past him, heading for the now empty locker room.

“T minus one-fourteen.”

“But, Anya! The shuttle… it’s…”

She ignored the familiar voice and popped open her locker. Sure enough, her phone’s message light was blinking. Smart of her mom to use that smoke signal. Her hands shook as she dialed the number, then pressed the phone to her ear.

“Dancing with the Stars hotline, may I help you?”

“Yes. This is Anya. Anya Silverton. You called me just now?”

“One moment please, I’ll check.”

“T minus one-twelve.”

Mike’s shadow stretched across the locker room seconds before his full frame appeared in her view. God, he’d intimidated her on her first day of training.  “Anya, what are you doing? You’re supposed to be on that shuttle. You can’t-“

With a wave of her hand, she shushed him. “Yes? What did you say? I’m in? Really? When does the show start taping? Okay. Yes, I can. All right. Yes. Thank you so much! Really. Thank you!”

She ended the call and cradled the phone to her chest. This was her moment. Her dream come true. Her flight career would be ruined. Over. Kaput. Still, the chance to be on Dancing With the Stars would only come once in her lifetime. Mars would always be in the same distant, inaccessible place. And who wanted to go to some dusty old rock anyway?

Mike crossed his arms over his chest and scowled. “Anya, what do you think you’re doing?”

“T minus one ten. Prepare for tertiary command sequence check.”

“You need to get back in that shuttle. Now.”

She shook her head. “No. I’m not going.”

“You have to. After everything you’ve worked for, you belong on that shuttle. I know you’re having last-minute jitters, but-“

“No. That’s not it. I’m staying because there’s something here I need to do. Something I want to do.” She moved to put her cell phone back in her locker and caught his motion out of the corner of her eye. Too late.

He lifted her in his big arms and hauled her back down that terrible white hallway as she kicked and screamed and beat and cursed him, calling him every name in the book. “You’re going back,” he told her evenly. “This is who you are.”

“No it’s not.” Her fists, drained of much of their power, nevertheless continued to beat at his back. “I’m an artist, damn it. Let me go!”

Mike huffed a laugh. “Artists only exist for one reason, and that is to tell people lies.” He set her down and palmed the secure white door leading into the shuttle launch elevator. “But astronauts are revered as special. As brave. As able to do something everyone wishes they could, but will never do.” He lifted her chin with his finger. “And you are an astronaut, Anya Silverton.”

“I am not. I’m a dancer,” she sobbed.

He leaned closer, blocking her escape with his massive arm. “Listen, Anya,” he growled, “if you don’t get into that shuttle, I’ll break both your legs, so you will never, ever dance again.”

“I hate you.”

He laughed, and cinched up his belt. “Good. It’s better that you hate me. Means I’m doing my job.”

“Ruining my life?” Her gaze darted down the hallway and back to Mike. “Please, Mike. If I don’t do it now, I’ll be too old by the time I get back. Please, just let me go.”

“Ha!” He slapped her arm, pushing her into the elevator. “Thirty years in space will do you good! Teach you stop being such a big baby.”

The doors slid shut and she sagged against the cold metal as the cage began to rise. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Book Reviews: Hearts Afire November

Hearts Afire: NovemberHearts Afire: November by Pepper Espinoza

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Okie dokie smoky!

Heh heh. Little fire joke there. :)

This was a nice read - finished within 24 hours or so. I read the 2nd story first on purpose, since that's the reason I bought the book.

You see, I'm contemplating a WIP with not 1 but 3 wanna-be arsonists, and India Harper just happened to include a story about a fireman and an ex-arsonist that was well, pretty hot!

Nicely done, except that I'd classify it as a "jumping to conclusions" story which is a variation on the "big misunderstanding" story. Not that there's anything wrong with that if the sex is hot, but yes, Virginia, I've seen this type of story before.

This was the smokiest rendition of it so far however!

I read the first story by Pepper Espinoza second, and found that one did surprise me with its twists and depth. What I expected to happen - say, Jakob freaking out on stage or something - didn't, though the "rescue" scene was a given once the others showed up.

Still, the sex was hot/tender and the guys were different/likable enough to recommend you buy it!

And go write some poetry, dang it!

Now, back to my predicament....

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