Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Horoscope

Wow! This one seems to be spot on for July!

July 2011
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Chart a New Course

There’s big planetary noise in your 10th House of Career this month. You might have a showdown with an authority figure, see a job shift, or jump to an entirely different line of work. Changes are signaled by the normally cautious Cancer New Moon on July 1, which is a highly aspected Solar Eclipse. Stressful squares from rebellious Uranus and repressive Saturn intensify pressures that you can’t manage by playing it safe.

Fierce Pluto’s opposition to this New Moon tightens the screws, forcing you to radically remake things where you are or to consider heading off in a new direction. Nevertheless, the instinct to seek safety is fed by Venus entry into self-protective Cancer on July 4. Don’t retreat from bold ideas; simply execute them with a strategically laid-out plan.

The first of three trines between opportunistic Jupiter and powerful Pluto on July 7 is another driving force for professional change. Pluto stokes a desire for more in your 4th House of Roots and supports Jupiter’s long-range vision in your 6th House of Work. These aspects return on October 28 and March 13, 2012, as rising waves of encouragement for occupational transformation.

Your struggle to balance your public and personal lives is highlighted with the Capricorn Full Moon in your 4th House of Home and Family on July 15. Internal clarity and discipline in pursuit of your goals will provide the solid foundation you seek.

The Sun enters notice-me Leo and your 11th House of Groups on July 23, followed by stylish Venus on July 28 to raise your public profile. The Leo New Moon on July 30 trines surprising Uranus, bringing spontaneity to your social life and enlivening team activities.

Keep in Mind this Month
Don’t waste your time on an unsatisfying situation; apply your energy to creating a new and improved one.

Friday, July 15, 2011

A possible character photo?

Dear Bratty Friends,

I spotted this guy on the Reviews by Jessewave site, and immediately thought of a character from a recent WIP. See if you can't guess:

Could this be .... Kanos?
Yeah, that's what I thought. Very inventive photographer!


But wait - could this be who I think it is?

It's quite possible! Perhaps they will sell her human hide after all - it's so pretty!


Thursday Thirteen # 9 for 2011

Hi all,

Yes, it's late. A day late - but, I do have good things for you. I am herewith posting 13 lines from the book I just finished -- that either made me put down the book and scratch my head, or laugh out loud. Was it the reaction that the author originally intended? Who's to say. But that's still the reaction I have when I read them now (granted, it's out of context, but see what you think):

1. Page 5: "So he’d taken her virginity—did that mean he had to propose marriage, for God’s sake? How many twenty-eight-year-old virgins were there in the world? Only one he’d ever slept with. Now he was paying the price. They always said karma was a bitch. In this case it sure as hell was."

2. Page 33: "First the rape threat and now this cutting out his tongue innuendo. Guishil wasn’t the friendliest town in the world, that was for sure."

3. Page 7: "That image alone sent her stomach pitching like a fifty-foot schooner in a white squall."

4. Page 11: "He did this to her—him and his overabundant sperm count. He should have to pay with something just as awful—like castration. Harsh, true, but she wasn't feeling overly forgiving at the moment."

5. Page 77: "He pounded into her until her womb tightened around him..."

6. Page 19: "She made him feel like that thirteen-year-old boy again and he couldn’t bring that tainted memory to the surface. He didn’t care how great the sex had been."

7. Page 56: "So now, here he was, feeling as if he were about to rupture an artery in his brain. Jealousy was a bitch—..."

8. Page 24: "if he wanted out of this jail with his manhood untouched and his privates intact, he’d better heed the man’s words."

9. Page 28: "...he paced the confines like a caged jungle cat while his mate was being wooed by an anaconda."

10. Page 28: "The old adage about the size of your hands and feet indicating the size of your dick sort of thing. Women were shallow creatures and cared about stuff like that."

11. Page 45: "Galen tore the shirt from his back and tossed it against the wall. Was this what it felt like to be heartsick?"

12. Page 47: "His friend had a way of looking into the soul without you wanting him to. He should have used his gift for some higher calling—like law enforcement or the priesthood."

13. Page 56: "He and Dana might have ended up with grass-stained bodies."

... and there you have it folks. A few of the lines that stuck out at me as I read, and made me pause and wonder.

What was the author really thinking when they wrote them? I'm not sure. But it definitely made the read a lot more interesting!

More later,


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Movies: I am Number Four and Gladiator

Dear Bratty Friends,

Tim Olyphant.
I recently watched the movie, "I am Number Four." Or, perhaps I should say, barely stomached the movie, "I am Number Four," since it started out sci-fi -- with this really hot guy, BTW named Tim Olyphant - that quickly turned into an angsty teenage love story.


After watching it, the tagline that popped into my head was, "Twilight with Aliens." Lucky for me, I wasn't the only person with this thought (thereby proving once more my brain is NOT too odd!). I quickly Googled "Twilight with Aliens," and someone had already stuck that label on this film. I have to agree!

BTW since there are six of the kids total, and we've only seen (2) of them onscreen, I'm sure a sequel or many sequels will follow. Let us pray they are not Harry Potter makeovers!

With Gladiator, starring Russell Crowe, I have to say the movie did the whole outcast-hero-turned avenger set up very well. Yes, he's lost his wife, his kid, his emperor - and therefore his country by extension -- and also his freedom. Which of course he cares very little about - at first. However, I found it hard to believe that the cheering crowd made life worth living after all that. I mean, would it really?

Maybe. I just don't know. Sometimes I think people are broken in ways that they won't ever recover. Of course, we don't see this in a film very often, unless it's a John Cassavetes work or perhaps a foreign film.

Of course, being a hero movie, he gets his man in the end, so all is well!

What's next in the Netflix queue? Black Swan, The Europeans, and Food, Inc.

And now back to the originally scheduled programming.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Buy this book! - Love the cover!


Fifty years ago, Lilith, Queen of the Demons, took the fall for something she wanted no part in and it cost her the only man she ever loved.

Betrayed and cursed, Aamon wants nothing but his freedom. Unable to let him go, Lilith watches him constantly, selfishly lusting for the love she destroyed. No matter how long he’s forced to serve, he’ll never forgive her.

The two end up on a treacherous ride of depravity and burning desire. Only absolute forgiveness will be able bring them back from this perilous journey.

Read a full excerpt here!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Book Reviews: Winter's Shadow

Winter's ShadowWinter's Shadow by Virginia Cavanaugh

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book was okay, but it reminded me of that old saying. You know, the one where a woman can't tell a bad man, but another man can tell he's a skunk from 100 yards away? Same thing with men is equally true though, too. A man can't see through a bad woman but another woman can.

I feel as though if I were this guy's sister, I'd be flashing the red warning lights in a very large array set up in the front yard! 'Cause this woman sure seems like nothing but trouble to me.

1. She ran over hubby and thought she killed him - and headed for her ex-boyfriend's bnb? It's not like she forgot where it was....or drove there "accidentally" ....
2. 72 hours later, she's in her ex-boyfriend's pants - um.....that doesn't seem right to me. Nothing like killing someone to make you orgasm your head off....?
3. She keeps having mental and emotional breakdowns (warning! Not ready for a relationship! Aoooga Aooga!)
4. She's another disaster waiting to happen - who says she won't freak out and "kill" again? Flashbacks anyone? Oops!

Man, if I were this guy's sister, I'd be dragging him out of the state by his short hairs!

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