Saturday, August 11, 2012

Why are you here II?

Dear Bratty Friends,

Welcome to, "Why am I here, Part Duex." So far, we have covered the following items:

Of the Five W's:

Why? -- we've already established that this one sucks!
Where? - as we've seen, that one's fairly simple and straightforward

Sometimes a sixth question is added: 


This time, we will cover the oddball, the outsider, the stand-alone: How?

Yes, today's question is, "How are you here?" Though seemingly difficult to answer on the surface, to me, it's the one with the most wide-open and therefore potentially satisfying range of answers. Or should I say, additional questions....?

Questions such as:

How do you treat other people here? Especially those harm you?
How much do you choose to actually be here, now? How much do you miss while trying to protect yourself?
How do you operate here in this life? What goals have you chosen for yourself?
How do you choose to move through this world? This day? Peacefully? Angrily? Do you submit/bend or do you fight/break?
How many of your thoughts are the copied thoughts of others?
How much of your heart do you show other people? How much do you hide?

How do you reconcile, in your own life, the dichotomy of life and death?

How do you want to leave this world?

How much effort will you put into staying?

There are so many possible questions about how to be in this life that it has kept philosophers busy for thousands of years.
The only answers are our own.