Friday, November 23, 2012

Shavasana - time to relax ...or?

Hey there Bratty Friends,

Is it just me, or does everyone argue with their Archetype during Shavasana? I mean, it's as though "Let's make a deal" time ensues the second I'm all laid out, sweaty, eyes closed, and the relaxation starts. If you aren't familiar with Shavasana, it's aka "Corpse pose" - the one you usually do at the end of yoga practice:

Why is something meant to be so relaxing so damn difficult?

Maybe it's all that generated energy that needs somewhere to go.

Maybe some Animus ass-kicking is simply long overdue.

Maybe I'm just a "self-obsessed weirdo" of a writer and it just comes naturally.

Or maybe I need more bacon.

More later,


Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Monday!

Dear Bratty Friends,

After going shootin' on the lord's day the weekend before, I just couldn't pass this one up. It seems to sum up how I feel about shootin' rifles, and how much I love Mondays. Happy Monday BTW!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Are you vegete?

Definition of VEGETE


vegete (comparative more vegetesuperlative most vegete)
  1. livelyactivesprightlyvigorous.


From Latin vegere (to enliven). Ultimately from the Indo-European root weg- (to be strong or lively), which also gave us vigor, velocity, and vegetable. Earliest documented use: 1639.

Even her body was made airy and vegete.
- Jer. Taylor.

You know,it's funny.

I hadn't heard of the word, so I Googled for images of it. What could possibly represent vegete? I pictured a girl leaping spryly into the air. Soaring up with vim and vigor.

Instead I got these:

Some kind of yummy Japanese vegetable and fruit drink.

Some strange anime type prince with special powers??

A cat who's reconsidering vegetarianism.

The movie Coma. Hmmm. This is weird. Not only have I watched this old movie within the last year, but I was just thinking about comas today. Isn't that strange?

A scarf for sale on Amazaon Japan.


Well. How lively is that?