Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More French things: Maurice Chevalier

Okay, I admit it.

Listening to the "Run rabbit run" song on the rabbit sheep-herding video made me long for some more French tunes. And who better to deliver than.... Maurice Chevalier?

Who indeed!

His famous hit "Louise" is an all-time favorite:

He had an interesting life, too. Born in Paris in 1888, his contemporaries were Van Gogh, Toulouse LauTrec, and Monet to name a few. I always rather liked Seurat, whose Pointillism seems precognizant of today's dpi-style images.

Seurat - La Seine a la Grande Jatte, 1888

And there you have it. The French really had it going on!

Next: psychiatric asylums!


A binky?

My Rob Brezsny horoscope for this week is a little... well...

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Do you know what a "binky" is? It's what a 
rabbit does when it gets so crazily happy that it exuberantly leaps up into 
the air, stretching and twisting its body as it flicks and flops its feet. I'm 
not sure if lexicographers would allow us to apply this term to humans. 
But assuming they might, I'm going to predict that you'll soon be having 
some binky-inducing experiences. You're entering the Joy and Pleasure 
Season, Libra -- a time when abundant levels of fun and well-being might 
be quite normal.
A binky from

So I'm hoping this is some sort of internal, spiritual binky? 'Cause the world around me gets crazier every single day.

This is also a good time to remind ourselves of the sheep herding rabbit, just so we don't forget:

This is especially fun to play at Taco Loco, during a crowded lunch hour. It helps to sing along.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Year 2013 look ahead

Dear Bratty Friends,

With this just in from Rob Brezney, I thought I'd pause for a moment and consider goals for the new year:

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Back in 1830, it was expensive to stay up and do things in your room after dark. To earn enough money to pay for the whale oil that would light your lamp for an hour, you had to work for 5.4 hours. And today? It's cheaper. You have to put in less than a second of hard labor to afford an hour's worth of light. I suspect that in 2013 there will be a similar boost in your ease at getting the light you need to illuminate your journey. I'm speaking metaphorically here, as in the insight that arises from your intuition, the emotional energy that comes from 
those you care about, and the grace of the Divine Wow. All that good stuff will be increasing. 

An increase in light and love certainly sounds fabulous. I feel as though I'm already on my way there. How this will all shake down might come as a surprise though, and that's just part of life. I'm hoping for no super-nasty surprises in 2013 like death of a loved one, more horrible local fires that fill the air with choking smoke, and health challenges for friends and family.

So what am I hoping for in 2013?

1. Eventually, leaving the 8-5 world behind and being able to work from home. This might be a multi-year goal. It involves following literary pursuits and god knows what else. It may even include guitar, so a new guitar is a goal.

2. More yoga!

3. More hiking!

4. A lot more meditation/self exploration. Although yoga and hiking are certainly good ways to prime that pump.

5. More savings, more money. More savings might seem like an odd goal, but to me, it's a matter of fiscal responsibility. No Fiscal Cliff for me, folks! Unless you count the desire to obtain a Subaru Forester as a fiscal worry. I say it's about time to give the Kia a heave-ho!

6. Lastly, I would say reach out more to my friends. This year they've all certainly needed it. I think it would be wise to bank some loving kindness now, 'cause you never know what's going to happen.

7. Be flexible. I may not get what I want, when I want it, the way I want it. (My inner bitch is already sharpening her knives on that one!) As a whole, I'm fairly unflappable compared to most, I tend to roll with the punches and I'm good in a crisis. But there's a part of me that accepts no compromise. It's the part that says hitting small kittens is wrong, and will not be tolerated. The trick is not to let that part ooze over into the zone of personal relationships. Yes, we knows what we want, Precious, but let's not make it a mandate from hell!

More 2013 horoscopes to follow....