Friday, March 29, 2013

Post Surgery

Dear Dad,

You're lying in a hospital bed with a tube shoved down your throat, totally out of it, buck naked with three IV's hanging by your bed. This is post surgery you. Five hours ago, in pre-surgery, you were pretty nervous. Now you're a breathing rock.

It's been a long journey to get here. A journey that never should have been taken in the first place. You've put the family through hell the past two months and now, lucky us, we get to deal with this too. If I could look you in the eye and say one thing, it would be "please don't do this to us again."



Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wild horoscope!

Tomorrow's horoscope from

Heightened intuition
Valid during many months:

At this time in your life you are likely to change your objectives in a way that your friends may see as hopelessly idealistic and impractical, but to you it seems the only way to give your life real meaning. The chances are that both you and your friends are right to some extent, so your task now is to strike a balance between your spiritual and your material goals. No way of life will be good for you unless you can make it work in the real world somehow, although right now you may not be very concerned with the real world.

Often this influence signifies a new interest in spiritual, metaphysical and occult subjects. You have a great need for deep spiritual understanding, and you may turn to religion, probably a mystical sect that emphasizes direct experience of the divine, rather than an orthodox church.

The most positive effect of this influence is that it teaches you that you must get your ego out of the way before you can do anything good with it. That is, you have to learn to act without selfishness, to flow along with events as they happen without having a stake in a particular outcome. If you can do this, you will gain a great deal of wisdom from this influence without losing anything.

Some persons experience psychic ability under this influence, and there is evidence that most people have some psychic ability. However, you should not expect to necessarily experience anything more than heightened intuition, which can easily be destroyed by too much reliance on your rational intellect. In fact, one positive truth that you may learn under this influence is that even at best the rational intellect is limited and cannot deal with every aspect of life. You will learn this through your own intuitive faculties telling you, if you let them, things that you could never possibly know through the rational mind.

Looks like it's time to kick the rational mind to the curb.

Reminds me of a Brian Eno and John Cale song....