Friday, August 30, 2013

Videos from 2013 Seattle Star Trek Con!

A few vids have already popped up on YouTube. Bootleggers were active for sure!

This one has shorts of most of the guests:

And here's some of the Saturday night karaoke - woot! Those Klingons can rock it, in or out of costume!


A good time was had by all!


Friday, August 23, 2013

Heading to #startrek con!

I'm gonna see William Shatner on Sunday. Woot! I can't wait!

Here's the schedule:

Creation Entertainment Presents:
The Official STAR TREK Convention SEATTLE 2013


Saturday 10:00 am Theatre Open for all patrons
10:20 am Salute to Star Trek Music Video
10:25 am Welcome from host Scott Mantz, Film Critic of Access Hollywood. Scott has some amazing footage to show of his interview with the new Kirk and Spock: Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.
10:40 am Music Video Salute
10:45 am Connor Trinneer (“Trip” Tucker of Star Trek Enterprise) on stage!

----- 11:15 am Photo Op with Suzie Plakson, tickets at registration for $40
11:35 am Music Video Presentation
11:45 am Suzie Plakson on stage (Worf ‘s mate K’Ehleyr, Suzie also played the Female Q in Star Trek: Voyager’s The Q and the Grey, and Lt. Selar, M.D. in Star Trek: The Next Generation). In this presentation Suzie will also be working with make-up maestro John Paladin. Paladin is a former radio Disc Jockey, has had two records on the country charts, has acting credentials in radio and commercials, and movies. His makeup expertise goes back over 10 years, including being J.G. Hertzler’s personal makeup artist on “Star Trek: Of Gods and Men” and being the head special sfx makeup artist on “Star Trek: Kitumba” [ both productions from “Star Trek: Phase II” Productions]. He is also featured as a Klingon in “Kitumba”. K’EHLEYR will be available for photo ops at the convention. John will also be responsible for transforming our guests JG, ROBERT, MAX and ARON into their famous Star Trek characters as well.

----- 12:45 pm Photo Op with “K’Ehleyr” as portrayed by Suzie Plakson (make-up only)
12:45 pm Richard Arnold (Gene Roddenberry’s right hand man for 15 years) on Star Trek Deep Space Nine’s 20th Anniversary.

----- 1:00 pm Photo Op with Connor Trinneer, tickets at registration for $40

----- 1:00 pm in the vendors room: Autographs with JG Hertzler and Robert O’Reilly for those with their autograph ticket, available at registration for $20 each.
1:30 pm Music Video
1:45 pm The Women of The Next Generation: Marina Sirtis, Gates McFadden, and Denise Crosby
Counselor Troi, Dr. Crusher and Tasha Yar on stage! Marina, Denise and Gates are signing autographs at their tables in the vendors room today for a nominal fee paid directly to them. Times and prices of signings and other details are decided by the celebrity and their representatives present in the vendors room.

3:00 pm Music Video Presentation
3:05 pm The Star Trek Yes/No Trivia Competition: Win giant gift certificates by showing off your knowledge of all things Star Trek: $200 to start, but you could win $1400!
-----3:05 pm Photo Op with Marina Sirtis, tickets at registration for $40
-----3:25 pm Photo Op with Denise Crosby, tickets at registration for $40
3:35 pm Intermission/Stage Reset
3:35 pm In The Vendors Area: autographs with Suzie Plakson available for $20 at registration
-----3:40 pm Photo Op with Gates McFadden, tickets at registration for $40
----- 3:55 pm Photo Op with THE LADIES OF STAR TREK: The Next Generation! You with Marina Sirtis, Gates McFadden and Denise Crosby. $120, tickets at registration, limited availability.
-----4:15 pm Photo Op with LeVar Burton, tickets at registration for $40

4:15 pm The Creation Star Trek and Genre No Minimum Bid Auction: Lots of cool collectibles including our famous banners, all up for grabs for ridiculous low, low prices!
4:55 pm Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway of Star Trek Voyager) on stage!

5:40 pm Audience discussion with Scott Mantz of Access Hollywood: What is your favorite Star Trek feature film? Let’s hear your thoughts and see if we can get an agreement on this!
-----5:45 pm Photo Op with Kate Mulgrew, tickets at registration for $60

6:10 pm Star Trek Music Video
6:30 pm JG Hertzler as Martok and Robert O’Reilly as Gowron: The Klingons Live on Stage!

7:05 pm On one side of the theatre: Autographs with: Kate Mulgrew and Connor Trinneer, complimentary for our Gold and Silver Weekend Patrons (we will call row by row) followed by those with either or both of their autograph tickets (we will call by number with those pre-convention bought tickets going first).
Note: Please get the below photo ops first and then come back for autographs in the theatre if applicable. Note that Kate is also signing tomorrow, but only for separate ticket holders.
----- 7:10 pm Photo Op with JG Hertzler as Martok, tickets at registration during the day at $40
----- 7:20 pm The Klingons and YOU! You with Gowron and Martok: first area event! $80, limited availability. Tickets at registration during the day.
----- 7:40 pm Photo Op with Robert O’Reilly as Gowron, tickets at registration during the day at $40

8:15 pm The Star Trek Costume Contest!
Star Trek fans get to use their creativity and skills by entering the famous Star Trek Costume Contest. This year, along with a $250 gift certificate for best costume, we are offering an additional gift certificate prize of $200 for best STAR TREK DS9 costume! Contestants please be in the theatre at 8 pm.
Please note that the following performers will have tables in the vendors room Saturday and Sunday to meet fans and offer their autographs directly. They are setting times, pricing and other details: Marina Sirtis, LeVar Burton, Gates McFadden (Gates will only be with us Saturday), Denise Crosby, Max Grodenchik, Aron Eisenberg, Morgan Gendel, make up master John Paladin, and Jon Stuer.

SATURDAY NIGHT AT 9:45 pm:The Creation FREE TO ALL Karaoke Party
Doors open at 9:30 pm
Hosted by Dominic Keating and Garrett Wang with potential drop-ins from Nana Visitor, Connor Trinneer, JG Hertzler, Suzie Plakson, and Robert O’Reilly.
Come to sing, come to hang out, come to enjoy fellow fans!
A cash bar will be available as well!

8:30 am to 8:45 am Vendors Room Set Up/Vendors Only
8:45 am to 6:00pm Registration, Theatre and Vendors Area Open for all
9:05 am Star Trek Music Video Introduction

9:10 am Convention Host Scott Mantz, Movie Critic of Access Hollywood, screens some brief clips of his hilarious encounters with Star Trek stars!
9:35 am Music Video Presentation
9:40 am Nana Visitor Kira of Star Trek: DS9 celebrating the 20th Anniversary of her landmark series!

10:15 am Garrett Wang (Harry Kim of Star Trek Voyager) on stage!
10:50 am Dominic Keating (Lt. Malcolm Reed of Star Trek Enterprise) on stage!

11:25 am Audience Participation: Your Fave Crew: Our version of “fantasy baseball” where we pick out an all time, all-star crew! Who are your choices and why?!? Hosted by Scott Mantz
----- 11:25 am Photo Op with Nana Visitor, tickets at registration for $40
----- 11:40 am Photo Op with Dominic Keating, tickets at registration for $40
----- 11:50 am Photo Op with Garrett Wang, tickets at registration for $40

12:05 pm LeVar Burton (Geordi La Forge of Star Trek: The Next Generation) on stage!
LeVar will be in the vendors room throughout the earlier part of today meeting fans and signing autographs for a nominal fee paid directly to him. Questions and specific timing regarding TNG signings can be asked at the signing area of their representatives.
12:45 pm Richard Arnold (Gene Roddenberry’s right hand man for 15 years) on Star Trek Deep Space Nine’s 20th Anniversary. Part Two.
----- 12:50 pm Photo Op with LeVar Burton, tickets at registration for $40
----- 12:55 pm One Hour Private Meet and Greet with Ten Lucky Fans with Garrett Wang, Nana Visitor and Dominic Keating. In the Orcas B Room. Some tickets remain at registration for $150

----- 1:15 pm Photo Op with Chase Masterson, tickets at registration for $40
----- 1:15 pm Photo Op with Marina Sirtis, tickets at registration for $40
1:30 pm Music Video 
1:35 pm Intermission/Stage Reset 
----- 1:40 pm Photo Op with Denise Crosby, tickets at registration for $40
----- 1:50 pm Photo Op with William Shatner, tickets at registration for $80, limited availability.

2:10 pm The Creation No Minimum Bid Star Trek and Genre Auction: a fast paced fun filled place to pick up great bargains including our famous banners! Be there for the action!
----- 2:35 pm Photo Op with “The Two Captains” William Shatner and Kate Mulgrew! $139 at registration, limited availability
----- 2:55 pm Photo Op with “The Women of Star Trek History” YOU with Kate Mulgrew, Nana Visitor and Denise Crosby, tickets at registration for $119, limited availability.
2:55 pm THE FERENGIS LIVE! Look out as an intergalactic first occurs here in Seattle: ROM and NOG in person are here to take the stage so hold onto your belongings! Rom and Nog are portrayed by the very talented Max Grodenchik and Aron Eisenberg, two fan favorites!

3:40 pm Music Video Presentation
3:45 pm “A Conversation” with William Shatner and Kate Mulgrew: Our Two Legends on Stage!

4:45 pm Music Video, we will play this one a bit lower due to backstage meeting
4:55 pm In the Theatre, on one side: Autographs with William Shatner. Mr. Shatner will first be signing for Gold Patrons on a complimentary basis, called row by row. Then he will sign for those with his autograph ticket called by number with pre-convention tickets going first. Tickets are available at registration for $80
----- 4:55 pm Photo Op with The Ferengis: Intergalactic Premiere Event: YOU with NOG and ROM, tickets at registration for $69. Please get these photo ops done and then return to the theatre for autographs if applicable.

5:05 pm On the Other Side of the Theatre: Nana Visitor, Garrett Wang, and Dominic Keating are all signing on a complimentary basis for Gold and Silver Weekend Patrons (called row by row) followed by those with their autograph ticket (called by number with pre-convention tickets first). Autograph tickets are available at registration for $25 for any of these celebrities.
----- 5:05 pm Photo Ops with Kate Mulgrew, tickets at registration for $60. Please get your Kate photo op and then come back to the theatre for Mr. Shatner’s autographs if applicable. If your row or number was called you may get in your rightful place on line.
5:30 pm On the Other Side of the Theatre: Autographs with Kate Mulgrew for those with her autograph ticket (called by number as she signed on a complimentary basis for Gold and Silver Patrons yesterday). Kate’s autograph ticket is available at registration for $50

6:30 pm Chase Masterson: our surprise guest addition is the lovely lady best known as Leeta of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Chase is also an accomplished singer and if we’re lucky she will do a few numbers for us!
Stay in touch at, we hope to come back in 2014!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yeah it's Jonathan Richman time again

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Jonathon Richman just rocks.

I've been lucky enough to see him in concert. Wonder if he'd ever come to the Gorge?

Which reminds me, since Tom Petty plays the Gorge every summer - I would LOVE to go!!! - there's a line in one of his songs which keeps appearing in current songs and it makes me wonder if everybody is just out there in cyberspace grooving to this song. Everybody refers to "taking me all the way." But Tom Petty did it first.

Ha! Now I'm just waiting for the "good love is hard to find" line to show up in the Top 40 songs. But I"m sure it will be something else. Cause nobody really wants to talk about that. Sure they all wanna take it, but you don't find that many people that just want to give it.


Friday, August 9, 2013

It's about that time - Maroon 5

Is everybody talking about the hole in their heart these days? First it's Rihanna and now it's Maroon 5.

It's a pretty artsy video, which you wouldn't maybe expect from this band. But I think it's cool. And it fits the current subject matter of the most recent batch of songs out there.

Some of the others I have to roll my eyes at. Such as the ones where they keep encouraging people to raise their hands to the sky "like the ceiling can't hold us." Uh, what? Hold on a second stupid fucker. The ceiling doesn't have to hold anybody. It's called GRAVITY.


Anyway if you're in a post-apoc mood, there's always Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive."

Now this is one sick fucker of a video - don't let kids with stuffed animals see it. They may never recover! :) But it does spur post-apoc storylines in me. That, and a reshash of the Muppet Show.


Good luck! Bratty

Friday, August 2, 2013

What's been going on?

Sometimes I feel like I should be at the hospital. I'll be standing in the kitchen cooking and suddenly feel I'm in the wrong place. I ought to be in the cafeteria eating hospital food. Weird, I know. But my brain does this every day.

Out of the blue it will whisper, "Let's go to Port Townsend." Or, "remember when we were here?" It's just my brain wishing to go places, to be somewhere else at any given moment.

For many years, when I got in the shower the "song of the day" would pop into my head. I never knew what it might be. Most days, it was something I hadn't heard in a while.

These days, I'm finding myself amazed that I like almost everything I hear on the radio by Rihanna. O.o Such as this one that's been haunting me non-stop:

More later,