Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The end of Separation is now / working with my animus / Cardinal Grand Cross 2014 / Tom Lescher Astrology Forecast for April 22, 2014

Happy Cardinal Grand Cross day of 2014! Fucking-a yeah! This has been a rough week for me emotionally, as fear has reared its ugly head. But I think I've been able to dampen it down a little and connect the body and spirit. I took a hike alone at lunchtime that helped a little. Helped break those old patterns of reacting to every little thing with FEAR.

 Hey, as Tom Lescher points out, you believe what you've been TAUGHT.

Somewhere along the line, I learned some very powerful lessons I'm still trying to undo. Still in recovery from. More on certain aspects of that later. But for now, let's say that I learned early on to react to authority with fear. As Lescher points out, there's also a YOU VS ME aspect we've all been taught. A separation has dug itself into our hearts and minds where it doesn't belong. It's not male vs female.

It's not you vs me. Nuh uh. It's WE. It always has been, it always will be. You are me, the planet is me, I am the spirit and I am another you. You can stay separate from me, and I can stay separate from you, from the Earth, from my own spirit, but at some point -like, um, a Cardinal Grand Cross! - the truth will out. Here's what Tom had to say:


Lovely message. He's so fun. I totally dig his messages. No more separation is a good thing, but you know, it means no more separation. Think about it.

No more separation from the darker parts of yourself. They're all you. Embrace them. Accept them. Live them.

No more separation from the opposite sex. No more male vs female. I am another you. We are equal. We make a whole. Together, it can work.

No more separation from the things you hate in other people. They are parts of you too. Hello! Welcome to the truth. We are all connected. I can hate you, but I must also hate a part of myself. Which his my choice, but as Tom points out, it weakens my strength. Accept. Admit. Move on to the next task.

I'll talk more later about Animus work. I think it's really time for the FEMININE to birth a new image of the MASCULINE that feeds our souls. That heals our world. I plan to write more about this all year.

Talk to you soon!


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Poor Joffrey #gameofthrones did not do you justice


There comes a time in almost every TV show where they air an episode that turns my interest to dust. They did it with Lost when Ben shot John Locke, my favorite character, execution-style and left him in an open grave full of bones.

I said to myself, THIS is entertainment? I didn't realize mass murder had become entertainment!

Though I did watch a few more episodes off and on, I never regained my initial enthusiasm for it, and never watched the full series.


I think I just watched the episode of Game of Thrones that made me no longer care. It think my enthusiasm for that show died with a poorly executed episode that made my eyes want to roll back into my head!

I watched Season 4, episode 2 recently and I have to say I just found it fell short. Not of my expectations, wholly, but short of what it could have been.

Joffrey was a much hated character and a center stone of the GOT universe. But in the episode that contained his wedding and his death, he was overshadowed by other characters. Bronn for instance. Tyrion. Sansa.

Joffrey's scenes weren't movingly written. They were flat and devoid of the kind of real passionate madness we've come to expect from Joffrey. He lets his new wife distract him with pie? Even the skit didn't serve to intensify his cruelty - the scene wasn't really tied to him. IMO it belonged to Sansa. The instant she saw the head roll onto the stones, the scene was hers. The gripping, emotional, I'll-remember-it-forever part of the scene wasn't Joffrey's. It should have been.

Yes, he died well. Yes, he looked pretty darn bad at the end, but it was too quick, too one-off, too, let's get this done and move on. Joffrey deserved more than that. All he got was a couple of scenes where he's exploiting Tyrion and acting cruelly but in a general way. Not in a sink-your-teeth-into-the-horror-of-it way.

Speaking of gripping, Tyrion did a fine job of breaking up with Shae. There was more emotion in that scene, and in Sansa's than in Joffrey's death.

Oh and Bronn - I thought it simply perfect when Shae slapped him! His head really did snap quite nicely. And Bronn, really, owned most of the show. He's neck and neck with The Hound for me for secondary character.

The dwarf, of course, is still my #1!

More later,

P.S. I'm not the only one not cheering over the episode. Josh Dickey has this to say: