Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I need a new passion!

Listening to today's Pele Report by Tom Lescher, I realized that I have left behind old passions that I've outgrown. Old desires, old needs, old belief's I'd held for too long. I'm a different person that I was two years ago. Totally and utterly. I no longer crave what I so badly wanted before - completion through sex, through merging with another human being, through bodily passion.

Strangely, I don't seem to crave a whole lot at all these days. Thus, the title of this blog post.

Lescher says: "We know we have a soul because we have desire."

Well, what is mine? I don't have a new one. I'm currently swimming in a pool just treading water, waiting. Nothing grabs me and makes me feel so passionate that my soul can't live without it.

Lescher says: "We are finishing over 2 years of old ways of being, the end of old desires, impulses and sparks and moving into a new place."

So what does that new place look like? What fires my passion and gives me as much of a boost as an orgasm? Um..... frankly, nothing comes to mind. I'm feeling a little blank right now. Well, a lot blank. I actually went to a BPW networking event today and told a bunch of women I was looking for a new passion in life. Will I find one?

Who knows? I don't feel like I'm suppressing that much anymore, but I do feel the truth of what he says about security. How do we redefine security for ourselves? What's it based on having?

For me, I think of my house. Of how I'd like it to be. I guess that's my goat-fish journey. It's a long journey to get things the way I'd like them to be: a cocoon. Maybe this points to a new future in construction?

Could be! Maybe if I open Pandora's box I'll find a hammer :)

He does say it's time to make a new mask, incorporate new desires. I guess it could be related to home improvement. Hmmm.....I guess I need to own my remodeling desires. Okay then!